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  • Registration and expense report filing with the PA Department of State. Includes amendments to filings and renewals and review of existing registrations and reports.
  • Tracking of direct and indirect communication to be included in expense reports.
  • Tracking of gifts, hospitality to lawmakers (and their families), as well as notification to lawmakers prior to inclusion in an expense report.
  • Communication on behalf of client with the PA Department of State, the State Ethics Commission, and auditors.
  • Official advice from the State Ethics Commission on behalf of the client when necessary.


  • Guidance regarding filing registration statements, expense reports and finance statements with the PA Department of State.
  • Guidance regarding reporting contributions and expenses to the PA Department of State.
  • Review of expense reports prior to submission to the PA Department of State.
  • Guidance regarding routine audits conducted by the PA Department of State.
  • Assistance and guidance through the Winner’s Compliance process.
  • Assistance and facilitation of any communication with the PA Department of State and other governing agencies.


  • Complete review of existing records (registrations and expenses) for lobbying disclosure and/or campaign finance.
  • Analysis of each record to confirm filing compliance.
  • Confidential review and critique of internal records retention and filing procedures.
  • Comprehensive and confidential report of compliance.
  • Recommendations for future internal compliance procedures.


  • Advice and guidance on strategic giving to candidates for political office to build influence and impact of a political action committee.
  • Political action committee development through growth in PAC member participation.
  • Tracking of important memos, legislation, and committee meetings and providing notice and/or analysis.
  • Coaching on the Pennsylvania legislative process.
  • Organization of a "Day on the Hill" or advocacy days.